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    Here is my website:

    Very interesting open this topic to distribute our ideas.
    I see you have lots of people working well with the theme.

    Congratulations to everyone, and I confess that I will use one or another idea here.




    I use Academy theme for development of a Physics learning web site.

    Like to hear what you think…




    This a great idea!

    Here is mine:




    Hi Ojayyo,

    I like that you are using images in your site, that makes it very appealing.

    If I were you I would offer a mini free course to hook up people and give them a taste of your great work. Then you can contact them and follow up with them, that way is easier to get clients.

    I love the way you have used the categories to create a nav menu on the side. How did you do that?




    Here our homepage:

    We are (WPBA = Weiße & Partner Business Academy) offering different management trainings and courses on our webpage with the Academy-Theme in Germany.

    As you can see, we decided to disable the member-login and using the woocommerce-product only for the price-tag. For booking a course we’re placed a specific form on each course-description and with these the customer could be inserting his billing informations, choosing a course-date and -place. After clicking the “Button” we’re getting a booking-mail and the customer a receipt…

    PS: The forms are created with the Visual Form Builder-Plugin.



    Hi all,

    Here is what I did with the Academy theme and it’s fantastic to work with


    @Marc Centelles:

    Hola Marc: primero que nada, he visto tu sitio web y me parece excelente. Te escribo por que acabo de utilizar una de las páginas de tus cursos como ejemplo para una pregunta sobre los “sidebar” espero no te moleste.

    Mucho éxito



    Hi All,
    Nice thread. I just started, but I love the theme. Please visit if you like: :)


    Hola @mgblogespanol gracias por tus comentarios. Ningún problema. Cualquier duda que tengas ya sabes donde encontrarme.



    Hi @sunil_gulati

    I really like very much your website. Congratulations.

    I like on your Home page the place for Social Media. Please, can you tell me how did you do it?

    Thanks in advance.



    Konnichiwa, everyone!

    First, thanks to all of you for your support and ideas on how to make the most of this awesome theme developed by ThemeX. I’ve learned a lot from your tips and tricks, and would like to share how we are using the Academy them on our site:

    We are a presentation skills company based in Tokyo, Japan, and Anaheim, California.

    Still a work in progress (aren’t they all?), but would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.


    - Brian



    Hi everyone,
    After much work to customized the already great theme (because I’m not a developer), here is my website
    Please give your comment or telling me if there is anything break or not as supposed to.



    Hey guys!

    Here is a link to my site that is using the Academy wordpress theme! I would love any feedback you might have to share with me. :D



    Hi Marc Centelles:

    Congratulations on your site and experimentation with Academy theme. I would like to ask how did you get the full background behind your courses, for instance:

    I tried by setting a featured image in the course page, but got nothing.

    I think that your answer would be helpful to many of us.

    Many thanks in advance


    Hi Vipboy, I used the featured image field that you can found under your course options. Try it again.



    Thank you, Marc, and sorry to bother you. I finally understood that the background image is as big as the course description window.

    By the way, I am still fighting with sidebars. How did you get yours to display properly? Are you using any plugin? I saw you have several sidebars in your course page, but I couldn´t get the same by just creating sidebars and widgets.

    Will you share any ideas with me?

    Many thaks for your kind support.



    This is a great theme and expecting some more great feature from this theme in their future updates.


    Hola Mark Centelles! A mi me gustaría poder ingresar en algunos de tus y te te puyado dar “Feedback”

    También me interesa saber si me puede decir como hiciste la traducción a español en los botones.

    Yo instale el plug in: CodeStyling Localization pero no me tradujo los textos en los botones. No encuentro el documento que debo editar. Me ayudas por favor?


    Hola Benjamin, utilicé este plugin e ir traduciendo todo. Te debería funcionar también para los botones. Saludos,


    Para el feedback ok. Apúntate y te doy acceso gratis.

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