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    This plugin, WC Product Bundles, it let me group products and define a price for the package.

    So let’s say I have course named onetwo and it includes course one + course two.

    When the order gets confirmed for the course onetwo, this one appears on the user profile page as a ‘subscribed course’. But this has nothing inside, it’s just the sales for the bundled, which is good to display in profile for the user actually knows that the courses were acquired from a package.

    the problem:
    What I have to do everytime: when the order gets confirmed, I have to go manually in all bundled courses adding the user manually to them. This rely on my human attention faded to error, you know…

    So, could you make a little addon to also add the user to the inner courses when the order gets confirmed, along with the bundled course, to remove ‘the human error’ from this process?

    that would be awsome to have!


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